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Dina Aseeva

Hey, let's meet the artist Dina Aseeva , whose works of art are a source of inspiration and creativity !

At Artseeker Gallery, one artwork by Dina Aseeva is on display !

You can find the artist's artworks in the "Shop all' section. Then, select the filter "Artist" and choose "Dina Aseeva "

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Dina Aseeva, Experienced artist

Based in Turkey, Born 1983

Dina Aseeva resides and works in an extraordinary lifestyle. Several months of the year, she resides in the beautiful bay of the Aegean Sea, near Dalaman, Turkey, where her studio is located. The rest of her time is spent traveling on a sailing yacht, which she calls home.

Dina refers to herself as a "sea artist" and indeed lives and creates her art while sailing the seas. This year, she embarked on a unique journey, sailing from Cape Town, South Africa, to Turkey on a sailing catamaran, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, visiting all four hemispheres, crossing the equator, and visiting eight countries. The colors and atmospheres of these diverse places have significantly impacted her art. Few artists have undergone such a journey, seen the world with their own eyes, and captured these experiences in their works.

From her childhood, Dina has been painting with watercolors and has a deep affection for this capricious medium. However, a few years ago, she began experimenting with acrylics and oil pastels and returned to oil painting. She is often referred to as an impressionist, capturing the moments she observes in her surroundings. Her artwork immortalizes those specific moments, enabling her to revisit the same emotions and energies, returning to the same points in space and time.

At present, Dina is working on a new series titled "Lost in the Caribbean," dedicated to her recent journey to Grenada. This series will be exhibited in St. George's, Grenada, in the Caribbean later this year.

Dina has a remarkable artistic journey that encompasses her unique lifestyle, from her art studio in the heart of Turkey's coastal beauty to her sailing adventures across the globe. Her artwork is a reflection of the world as she experiences it, a blend of her impressions, emotions, and the vivaciousness of the places she's been.

She has an extensive artistic background, with experience in solo exhibitions such as the one at Best Western Ara Solis Hotel in Taranto, Italy. Among her numerous group exhibitions, a notable mention goes to her showcase at the Art Studio in Sarıseki, Dalaman, where over 100 of her works were presented. She has also been part of collective events, including a virtual show in the UK at The Holy Art Gallery in London and the significant art event, Bodrum Art Fair in Turkey in 2022.

Dina's artistic prowess goes back to 1990 when she was awarded the Second Prize for the Best Artwork dedicated to the Second World War in Voronezh, Russia. Her artwork has made its way into collections worldwide, and her series of watercolors and drawings were acquired by renowned sculptor and architect Alexander Alexeyev, the founder of the Contemporary Art Gallery in Kabardinka, for his personal collection. Dina Asieva is an artist whose life and work are deeply intertwined with the world, and her art reflects the vibrant journey she's undertaken.

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