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Olga Dak

Hey, let's meet the artist Olga Dak, whose works of art are a source of inspiration and creativity !

At Artseeker Gallery, 2 artworks by Olga Dak on display !

You can find the artist's artworks in the "Shop all' section. Then, select the filter "Artist" and choose "Olga Dak"

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Olga Dak , Emerging artist

Based in Krasnoyarsk, Born 1984​

Olga is an abstract artist who works on canvases, artboards, and synthetic paper using both acrylic and oil paints, often combining the two mediums. Her specialty lies in crafting abstract landscapes and colorful abstractions, with the majority of her pieces tailored to complement specific interior settings.

Her artwork is characterized by a sense of lightness, and Olga's aim is to elicit feelings of enjoyment and ease in the viewers. She values the idea that people, upon observing her art, should experience pleasure and a sense of ease, rather than being overly concerned with deciphering hidden meanings or the artist's intentions.

For the past two years, Olga has been actively participating in a significant art event in Krasnoyarsk known as "Art Krasnoyarsk." She has created a series of works specifically for this event.

It's also noteworthy that Olga has generously donated her artwork to charity auctions, contributing to the cause of raising funds for children battling cancer.

In her words, Olga expresses, "I believe that my presence as an artist contributes to the art industry. It demonstrates how art is independent of external circumstances and can transcend all boundaries and barriers, even within the structured life of an established individual, revealing its essence: 'art is life.' Based on this understanding of the events of the past two years, I organize art events for people who may doubt their creative potential and approach painting with skepticism, assisting them in discovering that delicate thread of creativity within each of us."

Olga's participation in numerous group exhibitions includes noteworthy events such as "VOGUE" at Gallery Boomer in London and the "Russian Art Prize" exhibition at the Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia, New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

Painting serves as Olga's primary passion, evolving into a lifelong pursuit. She employs oil and acrylic paints, often using palette knives and creating decorative three-dimensional panels with gilding. Her artistic focus primarily lies in the realm of abstraction.

Olga has successfully marketed her works on online galleries and gained experience in shipping her creations to London and New York. Her art employs captivating color combinations and intricate forms, aiming to engage viewers in the exciting process of contemplation and interpretation of her pieces. Olga has a profound appreciation for the beauty in all things and strives to convey this essence through her art. She is a self-taught artist, having independently explored and mastered various techniques.

Selected Career Events:

2023 Exhibition "Nature Without Recognition: Is It About Human Blindness?" - Manhattan, NY, USA

2023 Exhibition "Just Summer on My Mind" - Miami Beach, USA

2022 Contest and Showcase "Talents of Russia" - The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2023 Exhibition "Landscapes of Russia" - Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2022 Exhibition "Russian Art Prize" - Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia, New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2022 Exhibition "VOGUE" - Gallery Boomer, London, UK

Olga Dak's artistic journey continues to thrive, reflecting her passion for abstraction and a unique perspective on the world's beauty. Her dedication to self-expression through art is both inspiring and compelling.


2023 Catalog of the exhibition “Just summer on my mind” USA

Media Article: 

2023 Glamour Buff, USA

2023 The News God, USA

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