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Mary Romanova

Hey, let's meet the artist Mary Romanova, whose works of art are a source of inspiration and creativity !

At Artseeker Gallery, 5 artworks by Mary Romanova are on display !

You can find the artist's artworks in the "Shop all' section. Then, select the filter "Artist" and choose "Mary Romanova"

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Mary Romanova, Experienced artist

Based in Samara, Born 1986

Mary Romanova is an abstract artist with a specialization in interior decor art. She works on large-format paintings (starting from 100 cm) using acrylics, spray paints, and textured paste on canvas. Mary's abstract style aims to stimulate the imagination of the viewers and offer universality that seamlessly fits into various interior designs. She strongly believes in the human need for beauty and creativity as essential elements of emotional balance and harmony in life.

In her own words, she says, "Abstract paintings are universal, and this is their main advantage over other styles. A high degree of artistic freedom and the absence of stylistic constraints allow my works to fit into any interior."

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, some of which include "Arts & Fashion Exposition" in Legat Business Forum, Antalya, and "Weightlessness" in Beijing. In 2022, she won the art competition at the "Arts & Fashion Awards 2022" exhibition in Moscow. In 2023, she received the "Abstract Painting" category award in the exhibition "The Beginning" held in the Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia in Samara.

Mary Romanova's art and creativity have made a significant impact, with her works being part of private collections around the world. Her dedication to abstract art and her unique vision contribute to her success as an artist.


2010-2015 Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, Department Art

Selected career events:

2023 Exhibition "Life in Bright Colors," Science and Technology Festival, Ankara, Turkey

2023 Exhibition "ART3F," Paris, France

2022 Exhibition "Arts & Fashion Exposition," Legat Business Forum, Antalya, Turkey

2023 Exhibition "RAAW," New York, USA

2023 Exhibition "Weightlessness," Beijing, China

2022 Art Performance on stage at the "Arts & Fashion Awards 2022" exhibition, Novy Manezh, Moscow, Russia

2023 Art Performance as part of a fashion show at the "Territory of Fashion" Festival, Samara, Russia

2023 Art Performance during a fashion show at "Estate Fashion Week," Estet Jewelry House, Moscow, Russia

2022 Sale of a painting to a private collection of a Dubai sheikh

2021 Sale of a painting to the private collection of the Head of the Republic of Ingushetia

Media Article: 

2023 The World and China, Beijing Daily 北京日报

2023 The News God, USA

2022 #6 MOZAÏK magazine Ocean Indien Avril/Mai/Juin

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