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Maria Aldashkova

Hey, let's meet the artist Maria Aldashkova, whose works of art are a source of inspiration and creativity !

At Artseeker Gallery, 1 artwork by Maria Aldashkova is on display !

You can find the artist's artworks in the "Shop all' section. Then, select the filter "Artist" and choose "Maria Aldashkova"

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Maria Aldashkova, Emerging artist

Based in St.Peterburg, Born 19942

Maria Aldashkova, also known as Khipsterskiy_yaguar, is a fashionable and talented artist from St. Petersburg who brings her ideas to life through beautiful paintings and digital illustrations. Her unique style, blending hipster aesthetics with modern trends, gives her works a distinctiveness and chic quality. Maria always explores different materials and experiments with them to achieve special effects and create stunning works of art. She uses oil, acrylic, and digital techniques for creating digital illustrations.

In her works, you can find interior abstractions, illustrations with symbolism, and portraits. Each of Maria's works reflects strength, energy, drive, and a love for life, as well as the pursuit of set goals. She also addresses important themes of staying true to oneself regardless of circumstances and how to rise again, like a phoenix, after a fall. Her works also speak to the power of words and true love that doesn't hide its feelings.


2009-2014 BSU named Petrovsky, Department of Technology and Design

Selected career events:

2023 - Art Show Ankara, Turkey

2023 - Exhibition "RAAW," NYC, USA

2022 - 3rd place "The Confluence of Two Capitals," St. Petersburg, Russia.

2022 - Charity exhibition dedicated to Teacher's Day, Cultural House, where 3 paintings were donated.

2013 - Participation in the XIII International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art "Russian Art Week." The artist received a university grant, Moscow, Russia.

2013 - Participation in the XV exhibition-fair "Ladoga. Winter Fairy Tale 2013." The artist received a university grant and sold 3 works, Moscow, Russia.

2012 - Participation in the exhibition "Watermelon Slice." The artist received a university grant, Bryansk, Russia.

2012 - 2nd place at Russian Art Week, Moscow, Russia.

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