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Vera Zvyagina

Hey, let's meet the artist Vera Zvyagina, whose works of art are a source of inspiration and creativity !

At Artseeker Gallery, 2 artworks by Vera Zvyagina are on display !

You can find the artist's artworks in the "Shop all' section. Then, select the filter "Artist" and choose "Vera Zvyagina"

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Vera Zvyagina, Experienced artist

Based in Moscow, Born 1991

Vera Zvyagina is an accomplished painter, breathing life into her canvases with the vibrant strokes of acrylic. However, her artistic expression goes beyond conventional boundaries. She incorporates intricate hand embroidery, adorned with beads and feathers, to create exquisite, textured masterpieces. Vera's unique style resonates with contemporary themes, offering a fresh perspective on Russia's national symbol.

Vera's artistic journey is deeply rooted in her family's history. Her grandfather was a prolific painter who crafted beautiful works of art within the walls of the historic Bryanchaninov estate in Pskov, Russia. Many of his pieces were regrettably lost during the tumultuous years of the Russian Revolution, when the estate was seized. Yet, a single painting has survived the test of time and been passed down to Vera. This is why she affectionately refers to herself as the "Artist of Blue Blood."

Her mission is ambitious: to continue her family's artistic legacy in a modern interpretation. Vera aspires to have fragments of her familial heritage grace homes all over the world. Her ultimate goal is to instill a sense of pride in her descendants for the Zvyagina name.

Throughout her life, Vera has pursued various art forms. Her education and career in fashion played a pivotal role in shaping her artistic perspective. This fusion of fashion and the creation of exquisite artwork is at the heart of her creative endeavors.

When asked about her inspirations, Vera mentions contemporary interiors that serve as a backdrop for her artwork. She takes inspiration from her city's architecture, viewing the gray, solemn streets of St. Petersburg against the backdrop of gilded palaces and intricate details. In the lines and simplicity of design, Vera finds a unique energy that drives her work. Her love for her city is reflected vividly in her art.

Vera has participated in numerous group exhibitions, making her mark at prominent events such as the Art Russia Fair in Moscow and the Contest and Showcase "Talents of Russia" at The State Tretyakov Gallery. She is proud to be a resident artist at the esteemed G1.Gallery in Moscow.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Vera has also contributed to charitable initiatives, collaborating with Oksana Fedorova's foundation. She continues to weave the threads of tradition, innovation, and philanthropy, creating a rich tapestry of artistry and giving back to her community and the world.


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