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Hey, let's meet the artist Maria Korshunova, whose works of art are a source of inspiration and creativity !

At Artseeker Gallery, 6 artworks by Maria Korshunova are on display !

You can find the artist's artworks in the "Shop all' section. Then, select the filter "Artist" and choose "Maria Korshunova"

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Maria Korshunova, Emerging artist

Based in Greece, Born 1987

Maria Korshunova, the enigmatic artist of our time, wields her paintbrush like a sorceress, conjuring emotions and narratives on the canvas. Her preferred medium, oil paints on canvas, becomes a portal to different dimensions where realism dances with abstraction, expressionism flirts with art deco, and surrealism whispers its secrets.

Not only does Maria's art grace the walls of galleries but her talents also extend to the sacred. She is an iconographer, adding her artistic touch to the holy interiors of a local church.

But it doesn't stop there. Maria has ventured beyond the borders, showcasing her artistry on a global stage. Her works have graced prestigious exhibitions, including the illustrious "Just Summer on My Mind" in vibrant Miami Beach. Her paintings have also taken part in the poignant "Russian Artist Against War" exhibition in the heart of New York.

Maria Korshunova, a masterful painter, blends reality and dreams, tradition and innovation, creating a body of work that transcends boundaries and captivates all who gaze upon it.


2023 Catalog of the exhibition "Nature without recognition: is it about human blindness?" USA

2023 Catalog of the exhibition “Just summer on my mind” USA

2023 Catalog of the exhibition “Russian artist against war” USA​

Media Article: 

2023 Glamour Buff, USA

2023 New York Weekly, USA

2023 The News God, USA

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