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This sketch depicts a serene scene in Venice, with a single boat and a charming house in the background. The artist has captured the peaceful atmosphere of the city, with the calm waters of the canal reflecting the soft colors of the sky. The boat is painted in muted tones of blue and green, and is positioned in the center of the sketch, drawing the viewer's eye towards the house in the distance. The house itself is painted in warm hues of red and orange, and features intricate architectural details that are characteristic of Venice. The use of light and shadow is particularly effective in this sketch, with the sunlight casting a warm glow on the house and the water. The viewer can almost feel the gentle rocking of the boat and the soothing sound of the water. This sketch celebrates the simple beauty of Venice, and the way in which its unique architecture and waterways can evoke a sense of peace and tranquility.


Original artwork by MKate
Size: 9*12 in
Materials: watercolor on  paper

Сity sketch Venus | Watercolor on paper | Сityscape

SKU: #00835w
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