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This sketch depicts a view of a city's rooftops, with a variety of and structures stretching out buildings as far as the eye can see. The artist has captured the complexity and diversity of the urban landscape, with different shapes and sizes of creating a dynamic and interesting buildings composition. The use of line and shading is particularly effective in this sketch, with the artist using hatching and cross-hatching to create depth and texture in the rooftops. The muted tones of the sketch give it a sense of timelessness, as if it could be depicting any city at any point in history. The viewer can almost imagine the sounds and smells of the city, with the hustle and bustle of people going about their daily lives just out of sight. This sketch celebrates the beauty and complexity of urban life, and the way in which architecture can shape and define a city's character.


Original artwork by MKate
Size: 7.1*7.5 in
Materials: watercolor on  paper

Сity sketch | Watercolor on paper | Сityscape

SKU: #00833w
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