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The painting depicts a bustling morning city, with people on their way to work and various vehicles on the road. The scene is depicted with a sense of movement and energy, with the people and vehicles all heading in different directions. The colors in the painting are bright and vibrant, with shades of red, blue, and yellow adding a sense of liveliness to the scene. The texture of the buildings and the road is skillfully rendered, with the brushstrokes adding a sense of depth and dimension to the painting. The people in the painting are depicted abstractly, with their clothing and accessories adding a sense of individuality to each figure. Overall, this is a lively and vibrant painting that captures the energy and excitement of a busy morning in the city.


Original artwork by MKate
Size: 11*17 in
Materials: watercolor on  paper

Autumn in the city with Church | Watercolor | Cityscape

SKU: #00821w
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