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  • The painting depicts a beautiful scene of a beach in Cuba, with large clouds visible in the sky after a recent rain. The colors in the painting are rich and vibrant, with shades of blue, green, and brown creating a stunning contrast against the white sand of the beach. The clouds in the sky are particularly striking, with their large, billowing shapes and varying shades of grey. The painting captures the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the beach, with no people or buildings depicted, only the natural beauty of the surroundings. The artist has done an excellent job of capturing the mood and atmosphere of the moment, conveying the sense of freshness and renewal that often follows a rainstorm. Overall, this is a beautiful painting that inspires a sense of calm and tranquility in the viewer.


    Original artwork by MKate
    Size: 17.3*11.4 in
    Materials: watercolor on  paper

    Cuba | Watercolor on paper | Seascape

    SKU: #00822w
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