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  • The painting depicts a fisherman on the river, the church is visible in the distance. The scene is flooded with gentle morning light, which gives the picture a sense of calm and peace. The fisherman is depicted abstractly, with a fishing rod and his gaze fixed on the water. The river is depicted with a sense of movement and energy, with ripples and reflections that add a sense of depth and dimension to the painting. The texture of the water and trees is skillfully rendered, and the strokes give the painting a sense of movement and life. Overall, this is a beautiful and peaceful picture that captures the beauty and serenity of nature, as well as the simple pleasures of fishing on a quiet morning.


    Original artwork by MKate
    Size: 15.9*11 in
    Materials: watercolor on  paper

    Fisherman on the river | Watercolor on paper | Landscape

    SKU: #00830w
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