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  • Hermi is a winged baby with eyes full of love and hope. She came to this world as a messenger of the gods from Mount Olympus, which is symbolized by the wings on her legs, to remind humanity of the bright and eternal. She, like a messenger from Mount Olympus, carries the love of the whole world. In her pose one can read tension and meekness, her arms are tense and a little unnaturally but confidently create additional points of support for her pose. Her naked, fragile body is defenseless and open. Her eyes are like two big windows to the world. The image of Hermie is based on the masculine principle of the Greek god Hermes, the stronger this makes her female image, giving it renewed qualities in this guise. Hermi, naive, but cunning as an actress, she is the patron of everyone who is looking for love and luck, she is a baby who brings miracles into the world of those who are looking for them.


    Original sculptureby Anastasiia Comicada


    Size: 18.5 in

    Materials: acrylic, plastic

    Hermi | Plastic | Sculpture home décor

    SKU: #10101s
    Color: pink
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