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  • “How dare you,” was Greta Tunberg's phrase that fell like a whip on the heads of high-ranking politicians at the UN summit. Do we dare to turn a young girl into a tool for political games? Do we dare to put adult thoughts into children's mouths, to manipulate the consciousness of the masses by exploiting the image of a child? Greta, like other children, has become a puppet in the hands of diplomats and PR specialists. The image of children in the political arena is a subtle manipulation based on the mechanisms of the human psyche. Words spoken by a child are subconsciously perceived with a high degree of trust. “Through the mouths of a baby speaks the truth.” Only the truth clouded, loaded with adult conclusions, grown on the immature child's psyche. Playing politics is a burden on an immature mind that puts an end to childhood and discredits us, the adults who allowed it. Greta has become one of today's shining examples of the exploitation of children's images and opinions. But her example is not the only one. Hassan Diab, who found himself in the maelstrom of Syrian-American relations; schoolchildren supporting Alexei Navalny and kids chanting “Live Belarus!” in Belarus. From the story - Etienne (Stéphane), whose religious fanaticism was taken advantage of and then ruined. Samantha Smith, who corresponded with Yuri Andropov. The “Poor Greta” sculpture refers to the underlying archetypes linking the defenseless child who says what she thinks and the cunning diplomat whose every word is calculated. The bucket behind the back symbolizes all the mess of thoughts, utterances, hints, adult cues, and information that flows from the Internet. Put another wrapper, a poster, a rude or kind word in there, and that thought will also be reflected in the child's mind. After all, a child's brain is like a sponge, absorbing every drop of knowledge. But what happens next? Next are the imposed ideas, a repressed psyche and loss of Self. The pressure in a crowded overhead callout is already so high that it is about to burst. In addition, information planted on an unprepared soil can transform into ultra-radical and dangerous mutations... Children should not live in an information vacuum, should be interested in what is happening around them, including politics, learn to take responsibility for the processes taking place in society. Only the presentation of information should be neutral, objective, showing both sides of the coin and presented using terms and categories they understand. Politics is a cynical and unsafe area for people unprotected by the armor of hypocrisy and contracts with conscience. We have an obligation to keep children from becoming a means of manipulation and monetization in the hands of politicians, PR men, and businessmen. I used white and black porcelain, as well as different types of polymers, to achieve my goal in “Poor Greta”. Even though Greta's face is puppet-like and expresses no emotion, the sculpture is permeated with current, it is not passive.


    Original artwork by Olga Anashkina

    Size: 7.1*9.8*3.1 in
    Materials: Porcelain, polymers.


    * The sculpture is using top quality materials.
    * Carefully packed: The sculpture is sent in cardboard boxes wrapped with great care in bubble paper.

    How dare you | Porcelain sculpture | Societal Issues

    SKU: #08202
    Color: dark grey
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