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  • The focal point of this watercolor artwork is the geranium. It's a beautiful flower that can adorn any garden or home. It serves as a reminder that nature is always around us and requires our care and attention. The concept of the painting revolves around the idea that nature has always been close to us, but we often fail to notice its beauty and uniqueness. The artist wants to demonstrate how wonderful and essential nature is for our lives and how vital it is to preserve it for future generations. The painting symbolizes the need for careful stewardship of nature and calls on us to contemplate our role in preserving its richness. It reminds us of how important it is to cherish and protect nature. It is through nature that we can appreciate the beauty of the world around us. It teaches us to see beauty even in the simplest things. We should strive to remember this and work to maintain a balance between human needs and natural resources. It urges us to reflect on how we relate to nature and how it impacts our lives.


    Original artwork by Anna Artemieva


    Size: 15*23 in

    Materials: watercolor, paper

    Love sharm | Watercolor on paper | Botany art

    SKU: #02005
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