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  • Vortex. If you look inside yourself, you can see an incredible range of feelings and emotions that often "Rage and try to break out." This is joy, surprise, sadness, delight, peace, tranquility and much, much more. Every time you look at this picture, you will experience different feelings, depending on your mood. This is not just an abstraction, this work helps to find answers to many questions. It is a kind of meditation and immersion into your inner world. The energy is bubbling inside her and radiates light and heat .
    Air. Many people in the modern world lack freedom, space, and fresh air. There are no frames and restrictions in the picture of Air. The movements of the strokes are chaotic and at the same time create a general pattern. The texture is unobtrusive and light. Freedom of speech, self-expression, thoughts, feelings are contained in this work. Plunging into contemplation, you can feel how your own limitations and barriers are collapsing, lightness and calmness appear.


    Original artwork by Jane Ti

    Size each module: 39.4 x 39.7 x 1.2 in
    Total hang on your wall is : Height: 78.8 in x Width: 39.4 in
    Materials: mixed media, acrylic, mdf artboard


    * The painting is done on mdf artboard using top quality acrylic paints and materials.
    * It is ready to hang on the wall. Frame is included.
    * Carefully packed: The painting is sent in cardboard boxes wrapped with great care in bubble paper.

    Natural, diptych | Mixed media| Minimalist design Large abstraction art

    SKU: #03607d
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