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  • A chaotic tornado that sucked in snow, earth, and spilled blood. Disorder and subsequent struggle. The cold emanated from both sides, leading to an oblivion with no winner and only losers.
    Careless brushstrokes in the dirty color of ash and white fog are unable to hide thick blood, trampled, smeared, and still bright, screaming about the terrible consequences of careless actions of irreconcilable parties.
    Who cares about shattering the established way of life and creating chaos if the blood spilled during the confrontation cannot be distinguished? This picture frightens and fascinates with the warning and power embedded in it. It was created to remind you to always choose a safe path and not to lose yourself in disputes and confrontations, otherwise, ashes, the cold of shattered expectations and the blood spilled in vain will remain from former ambitions.


    Original artwork by Victo

    Size: 23.6*31.5 in
    Materials: acrylic, canvas


    * The painting is done on stretched canvas using top quality acrylic paints and materials.
    * It is ready to hang on the wall. The edges have also been painted, so it is not necessary to frame it.
    * Carefully packed: The painting is sent in cardboard boxes wrapped with great care in bubble paper.

    Red snow | Acrylic | Abstract textured interior artwork

    SKU: #03021
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