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The painting depicts a woman's legs running on warm summer tiles, with the shadow from the nearby trees visible on the ground. The woman is wearing a transparent linen robe, which adds a sense of lightness and movement to the painting. The play of light and shadow is skillfully rendered, with the sunlight casting a warm glow over the scene and creating a beautiful contrast against the shadowy areas. The colors in the painting are muted, with shades of beige, brown, and blue creating a natural and earthy atmosphere. Overall, this is a beautiful and evocative painting that captures the joy and freedom of running on a warm summer day. The transparent robe and the play of light and shadow add a sense of sensuality and mystery to the painting, making it feel like a moment frozen in time.


Original artwork by MKate
Size: 11.8*15.7 in
Materials: watercolor on  paper

Running towards the light | Watercolor on paper | Woman's legs running

SKU: #00828w
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