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  • The painting depicts a regatta on a beautiful evening, with the sun breaking through the clouds and casting a golden glow over the scene. In the background, we see a thunderstorm brewing over the mountains, adding a sense of drama and tension to the painting. The turquoise water is illuminated by the sun, creating a stunning contrast against the dark clouds in the distance. The boats in the regatta are depicted with great detail, with the sails billowing in the wind and the water churning beneath them. The colors in the painting are rich and vibrant, with shades of blue, gold, and orange creating a stunning visual display. The texture of the water and the clouds is skillfully rendered, with the brushstrokes adding a sense of movement and energy to the painting. Overall, this is a beautiful and captivating painting that captures the majesty and power of nature, as well as the excitement and beauty of a regatta on a summer evening.


    Original artwork by MKate
    Size: 12.2*9.1 in
    Materials: watercolor on  paper

    Sailing regatta | Watercolor on paper | Seascape with ships

    SKU: #00826w
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