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  • My journey as an artist began rather late: I started drawing at 30, and it was only around the age of 40 that I finally decided that this was the path I truly wanted to take. Once I made that decision within myself, my true paintings began to emerge, a sense of what my paintings were about formed, and a path started to take shape. All I needed to do was listen to myself, draw, and take action. Initially, none of my close ones believed in me. However, I continued to draw and maintained faith that I had chosen my path correctly. The artwork "Vibrate" was born when I realized that just drawing was not enough. I needed to make a statement about myself! Loudly! With full force! I started sharing a lot about myself, my paintings, participating in events, exhibitions, and even recorded my own track! "Vibrate" is not just about the voice; it's about the authentic resonance of every person, no matter how it manifests. It's about not being afraid to express your nature, boldly asserting who you are and what you stand for. Pursue your dream despite any external circumstances. Resonate! Resonate right now! The world meets you when you take the first step.


    Original artwork by GANNA


    Size: 20*23 in

    Materials: pencil, paper, matted, frame

    Vibrate | Pencil | Abstract art

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