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Sasha Fofanova

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Sasha Fofanova, Experienced artist

Based in St.Peterburg, USA, Born 1987

Sasha Fofanova is a portrait artist and realist who creates digital and watercolor paintings. Her art covers several themes, including portraiture, realism, and even elements of abstraction. However, her common thread is the focus on human beings and their inner and outer expressions.

Sasha primarily works in digital art but prints only a single copy. She aims to show collectors that her works are just as unique as traditional pieces, highlighting that they are not mass-produced. Sasha's journey into art began when she found herself on crutches due to a sports injury, leading to a lengthy rehabilitation period. During this time, art became a means of distraction from pain and immobility. Through her art, Sasha portrays how she perceives her life, her experiences, and the emotions she goes through.

Sasha Fofanova, a talented artist originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. She began positioning herself as an artist in early 2022.

In Sasha's engaging works, people come to life through vivid colors. Each creation reflects her personal life, hobbies, and unique experiences, resulting in a truly authentic and captivating collection. When she paints a person's portrait, she immerses herself in understanding that person, seeking to tell their story through her artwork, layer by layer, like a chapter in a book.

As a dedicated athlete since childhood, Sasha has numerous passions that infuse her art with energy and dynamism. Her favorite artistic mediums are watercolor and digital art. In fact, her digital works are crafted with such precision that they are printed in limited editions, ensuring that each piece remains an original masterpiece.

Sasha's art delves into the concept of life, both her own and that of those around her. She skillfully captures the complexities of human existence and conveys them in a way that is accessible and understandable to all. Exploring the depths of her art, viewers can discover reflections of their own lives, fostering deep connections and self-analysis.

Selected career events:

  • 2023 Exhibition "Just summer on my mind," Miami Beach, USA

  • 2023 Exhibition "Russian artist against war," Manhattan, NY, USA

  • 2023 Selected works in the 1st Annual Animal Portraiture Open International Juried Art Exhibition 2023 by Wild Heart Gallery

  • 2023 Finalist in the Camelback Gallery's Amazing Animals 2023 International Juried Visual Arts Competition

  • 2022 Finalist in the IAA Awards in Photography and Digital Art by Camelback Gallery

  • 2022 Silence auction (Elite Watersports)

  • 2022 Art & DOT AVART space, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • 2022 Solo Exhibition, Seminole, Florida, USA

  • 2022 Solo Exhibition at KAHWA COFFEE BAR, Florida, USA

Sasha has also participated in charity auctions twice. In both instances, her artwork was sold for a charitable cause. The first was in October 2022 during the Silence auction at Elite Watersports, where a digital painting on canvas related to kite surfing was auctioned, with the proceeds going towards children's medical treatment. The second was in May 2023, during a charity auction for Montessori by the Sea, where a watercolor painting on canvas created specifically for the auction was sold for $1400, with the funds directed to the school's needs.


2023 Catalog of the exhibition “Just summer on my mind” USA

2023 Catalog of the exhibition “Russian artist against war” USA​

Media Article: 

2023 Glamour Buff, USA

2023 New York Weekly, USA

2023 The News God, USA

2023 Camelback Gallery, USA

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