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Hey, let's meet the artist Holi, whose works of art are a source of inspiration and creativity !

At Artseeker Gallery, 2 artworks by Holi are on display !

You can find the artist's artworks in the "Shop all' section. Then, select the filter "Artist" and choose "Holi"

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Holi, Experienced artist

Based in Perm

Yulia represents the human consciousness in her paintings as a garden, a blossoming garden. She says, "I believe that those who regularly tend to the 'garden' of their consciousness, introducing new creative thoughts, clearing away the unnecessary, and taking care of it, yield a rich harvest. The 'garden' becomes lush and flourishes: our personalities blossom, dreams come true, destiny smiles upon us, and it seems like the Universe is taking care of us."

However, if the 'gardener' is careless, the 'garden' becomes overgrown with 'weeds' like stress, anxiety about the past or future, negative beliefs, fear, and distrust. These 'weeds' poison our existence and turn our lives into chaos.

But our thoughts are the only things in the world that are entirely within our control. In recent years, I've realized how important it is for the 'inner garden' to remain in bloom because it helps us weather any external changes, even the most terrible ones. My series of paintings, "Blossoming Soul," is dedicated to that part of me that changes for the better, step by step building inner strengths: trust, love, dreams, a focus on the positive because if we want to change the world, we must start with ourselves.

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