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  • In his work, the artist strives to create art as a refuge. He gives vent to the meditative impulses of material nature – harmony, which allows one to forget about anxiety at least for a while. His visual style was formed during his life and active plein-air practice on Paramushir, one of the Kuril Islands. Observing and painting the island's wildlife – active volcanoes, the vastness of the ocean – became a defining experience for him.

    The impasto technique in his works creates an effect of distortion in space-time, which fills the distance between the eye and the depicted object. The paintings do not show a direct imprint of reality, but its aura, which he conveys to the viewer. His painting style is rooted in the Impressionist method. The aura of the work, which carries the memory of the depicted reality, is woven from fleeting impressions, flashes in his perception.

    To add memory to the image, he uses, among other things, direct artifacts – natural substances mixed into the paint in a natural way. For example, all the works in the Kuril series contain ash from the Ebeko volcano, as they were painted en plein air during ash eruptions from the Ebeko volcano, which occurred very often during the day. This work also contains volcanic ash.

    Thus, he fills his paintings with nature, letting in the breath of the wind, the sound of the ocean surf, the force of a volcanic eruption. For him, painting is not so much a representation as it is an echo of the energy that brought him into the strongest resonance with nature and evoked a subtle state of mind of belonging, harmony with all living things.


    Original artwork by Evgeniya Polyudova


    Size: 19.7*23.6 in

    Materials: oil, canvas


    * The painting is done on stretched canvas using top quality oil paints and materials.
    * It is ready to hang on the wall. The edges have also been painted, so it is not necessary to frame it.
    * Carefully packed: The painting is sent in cardboard boxes wrapped with great care in bubble paper.

    Fog in the port

    SKU: #10401
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