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  • The painting "Labyrinth" reflects the complexity, confusion and maze of thoughts that do not let you sleep. In 2022, these feelings were in the minds of many people. A lot of frames have appeared in our life. The feeling of freedom is becoming less and less.
    Closed borders with other countries, restrictions, limits, no exit, no light at the end of the tunnel... But think about it. Who has the right to set these boundaries for you? What if these borders are just drawn? Or maybe they are invented? And the world is actually open to all of us and has no prohibitions.


    Original artwork by Marina Marzepane

    Size: 31.5*31.5in
    Materials: acrylic, texture paste, canvas


    * The painting is done on stretched canvas using top quality acrylic paints and materials.
    * It is ready to hang on the wall. Frame is included.
    * Carefully packed: The painting is sent in cardboard boxes wrapped with great care in bubble paper.

    Labyrinth | Acrylic | Conceptual abstract design

    SKU: #02102
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