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  • When you first look at the artwork, you can notice bright colors, textural touches of a brushstroke and the beauty of this incredible bird. But looking closely at the details, you can see his strong gaze. Despite what is happening in the world, despite the battles around him, he still shows his resilience, his opinion and the beauty given to him by nature, and he does not hide it. And even if others of his flock tucked tail and are silent, this peacock expresses himself completely.
    It was this bird that inspired me to create the painting. The bird that knows no anger or fear. The bird that brings beauty and tranquility, resilience and strength of spirit.


    Original artwork by Olesia Lebedenko

    Size: 31.5*23.6 in
    Materials: oil, canvas


    * The painting is done on stretched canvas using top quality oil paints and materials.
    * It is ready to hang on the wall. The edges have also been painted, so it is not necessary to frame it.
    * Carefully packed: The painting is sent in cardboard boxes wrapped with great care in bubble paper.

    Peacock | Oil | Brightly colored art with a bird

    SKU: #03501
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