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  • Profound changes come, like promises of new horizons. In their excitement, we sail like on a sea, sometimes feeling uncertainty, often encountering despair. Sometimes friends drift away, and the friend list becomes a page of transformations. Yet know that this is merely a step forward - a step into the uncharted, beyond the comfort zone. Here begins your journey to new achievements, to a life painted with vibrant colors and impressions.
    Just as multi-layered art, our path is intricate, but each layer brings experience. Splashes of courage and reliefs of persistence shape our character. Just as the colors on a canvas, we embody all shades - from audacity to vulnerability. This expansive abstract painting reflects the full spectrum of emotions, a succession of waves, but also the beauty found in every moment.




    Original artwork by Alina Chalaya

    Size: 35.4*35.4 in
    Materials: acrylic, canvas


    * The painting is done on stretched canvas using top quality acrylic paints and materials.
    * It is ready to hang on the wall. The edges have also been painted, so it is not necessary to frame it.
    * Carefully packed: The painting is sent in cardboard boxes wrapped with great care in bubble paper.


    SKU: #00901
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