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  • Do you love snow as much as I love it? Fluffy snow clouds, flakes covering everything around, light, weightless snowflakes shimmering so beautifully in the sun and in the light of lanterns. There is something magical about this that gives you the Christmas mood and the expectation of something new and wonderful. Sculpture/vase with a bowl 12 cm deep, perfect for fir branches or a bouquet of stabilized flowers.


    Original artwork by Olga Tiho


    Total size 11*13.4*5.5 in

    Size each module:

    1) 11*6.3*5.5 in; 2) diameter 7.1*0.8 in

    Materials: acrylic, plaster, resin, wood

    Snowfall Plaster sculpture | Home interior decor

    SKU: #01423s
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